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SPENN is an innovative and convenient mobile money application. Create your FREE account in seconds, and enjoy secure and instant money transactions!

SPENN – powered by Cavmont Bank - Our aim is to provide all Zambians with financial support through innovative, accessible technology as part of a greater goal in achieving a digital economy.

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Buy Airtime

Purchase Airtime for yourself, or anyone else, at no additional cost.

Transfer Money

Send and request money from anyone, anywhere, instantly and for free.

Pay Your Bills

The most convenient way to pay your bills, at no extra cost.

Pay Anywhere

Pay using your phone at any location accepting SPENN.

Earn Money

Share SPENN with your friends and receive a cash reward.

Secure Savings

Start saving money and set saving goals in a cost-free SPENN SuperSaver account.

Point Of Sale

Upgrade to SPENN+ to access a free point-of-sale solution and attract new customers.

Top Up & Cash Out

Top up and cash out from SPENN Power users and bank branches.

Refer your friends and get rewarded

Share SPENN with your friends and family and receive a cash reward for every single one.

Refer your friends through your unique referral code; the code and sharing options can be found in the β€œMe” section of the application.


Download and create your free account to get full access to all the features of SPENN, Including FREE transfers and payments to anyone, anywhere. Want to top-up, cash-out or find the closest store where you can pay using SPENN? Click on the map and identify the best option immediately!

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Upgrade to your free SPENN+ account in seconds. By becoming a SPENN+ user, you instantly get access to our point-of-sale solution for your business or organisation. You will also appear on the SPENN map so other users easily can locate your business. Sign up today and attract new customers.

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Become a Power user and earn money by offering other users to top-up & cash-out their SPENN account through you. Every SPENN user can upgrade to Power for free by following a few steps inside the app. As a Power user, you receive commissions for every cash-out transaction, which are yours to keep!

Terms & Conditions