Foreign Exchange And Money Market Rates


Savings Account Yield

Account Type Rate (Amount in excess of K500,000)
Savings 3.0% per annum
30 Days Deposit 7.0% per annum
60 Days Deposit 8.0% per annum
90 Days Deposit 10.0% per annum
180 Days Deposit 11.0% per annum
270 Days Deposit 12.0% per annum
365 Days Deposit 14.0% per annum

Treasury Bills Yield

Treasury Bills  
91 Days 14.99%
182 Days 15.00%
273 Days 23.00%
364 Days 23.50%

Indicative Foreign Exchange Rates

Currency Buy Sell
USD/ZMW 12.590 12.780
GBP/ZMW 16.390 16.637
ZAR/ZMW 0.8797 0.8973
EUR/ZMW 14.036 14.248
GBP/USD 1.2775 1.3032
EUR/USD 1.1184 1.1998
USD/ZAR 14.014 14.296
USD/NAD 14.014 14.296

The above exchange rates are indicative. Please consult your nearest branch for firm contract.

Government Bonds Return Rate

Government Bonds  
2 Years 19.50%
3 Years 20.0%
5 Years 20.40%
7 Years 18.40%
10 Years 23.50%
15 Years 17.00%

Economic Calendar

2019 Economic Calendar
20 Feb BOZ- Monetary Policy Committee Meeting

Economic Indicators

Economic Indicators Rate
INFLATION Current - 7.90%
  Previous - 7.90%
BPR 9.75%
Zambia's Gross Reserves (August 2018) $1.73 Billion

Commodities & LUSE

Commodities & LUSE      
Copper $6,245.00 $4.00
Brent Crude Oil $66.40 $0.12
Gold $1,329 $3.00
LUSE 5,766.35 1.68

Foreign Exchange News

Tuesday's trading session saw the Kwacha remain largely unchanged from the previous day as it was seen trading K11.900 / K11.950, a level it maintained until close of the trading session. Market activity was mostly subdued as most corporates on the buy side were looking to trade below the $1/11.900 mark while the supply side remains relatively flat.

In the interim, most market participants will remain cautious and will look to make a move after the bond auction on Friday.

Money Market News

The commercial banks' aggregate current account increased by K260.19 million to K873.42 million while the overnight borrowing and lending rate remained unchanged at 9.92%.Total funds traded on Interbank was K320 million.

This information is prepared for indicative purposes only. For firm contracts please contact Peter Mwepu, NathanTembo, Chiyanzu Kambita or Namakau Manda.
Tel: 360097 for Peter, 360098 for Nathan or 360096 for Chiyanzu,
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