Foreign Exchange And Money Market Rates


Savings Account Yield

Account Type Rate (Amount in excess of K1,000,000)
Savings 3.0% per annum
30 Days Deposit 14.50% per annum
60 Days Deposit 19.50% per annum
90 Days Deposit 21.50% per annum
180 Days Deposit 25.00% per annum
270 Days Deposit 25.50% per annum
365 Days Deposit 26.50% per annum

Treasury Bills Yield

Treasury Bills  
91 Days 16.50%
182 Days 21.25%
273 Days 27.00%
364 Days 29.25%

Indicative Foreign Exchange Rates

Currency Buy Sell
USD/ZMW 17.760 18.040
GBP/ZMW 21.728 22.071
ZAR/ZMW 1.0235 1.0440
EUR/ZMW 19.616 19.925
GBP/USD 1.2235 1.2481
EUR/USD 1.1043 1.1265
USD/ZAR 16.309 16.637
USD/NAD 16.309 16.635

The above exchange rates are indicative. Please consult your nearest branch for firm contract.

Government Bonds Return Rate

Government Bonds  
2 Years 30.95%
3 Years 29.75%
5 Years 33.00%
7 Years 25.00%
10 Years 23.50%
15 Years 30.00%

Economic Calendar

2020 Economic Calendar
20 Mar GRZ- Bond Auction 03/2020/BA 2, 7 & 15 Year Bonds

Economic Indicators

Economic Indicators Rate
INFLATION Current - 13.90%
  Previous - 12.50%
BPR 11.50%
Zambia's External Debt (Feb 2020) $11.20 Billion

Commodities & LUSE

Commodities & LUSE      
Copper $5,234.00 $299.00
Brent Crude Oil $30.43 $4.74
Gold $1,464 $118.00
LUSE 4,243.65 0.00

Foreign Exchange News

The Kwacha moved further downwards on Monday as it opened at K16.025 / K16.075 from a closing level of K16.000 / K16.050 on Friday last week. Despite subdued market activity from most importers, the local unit moved further downwards owing to waning inflows which saw a number of players protecting their offer side and this saw the currency pair being quoted at K16.200 / K16.250 by midday. The Kwacha's performance mirrored that of other emerging market currencies like the South African Rand which also fell to an intra-day low of $/ZAR16.7386 following increased threats of the Coronavirus (Reuters).


The Kwacha closed the day at K16.2500 / K16.300.

Money Market News

The commercial banks' aggregate current account decreased by K84.63 million to K873.18 million while the overnight borrowing and lending rate maintained at 12.54%. Total funds traded on Interbank was K308million.

This information is prepared for indicative purposes only. For firm contracts please contact Peter Mwepu, NathanTembo, Chiyanzu Kambita or Namakau Manda.
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