Privacy Policy

Cavmont's Position On Privacy And Data Protection

As one of the fastest growing Banks in Zambia, Cavmont is concerned about protecting personal information it gathers about its employees and customers. Cavmont also considers data protection a customer satisfaction issue. We seek to meet all customer expectations in our products, services and in our business practices. We will meet the customer demand for privacy protection. Cavmont believes that individuals have the right to be informed about the information being collected about them and about its intended use. People should also have the right to "opt out" if they do not wish to have personal data used for other purposes. They should also have the right to review information being retained and the means to update and correct it.

Our Web Site

When you visit us at we want you to feel secure that Cavmont is respecting your privacy. In fact, the only private information we have about you is the information you choose to give us by filling out a form or providing feedback. We do not give that information to third parties without notifying you on the form and getting your consent.

We may use "cookies" on some pages of our site, simply to help us serve you better each time you return. A cookie is a small element of data that a Web site can send to your browser, which may then store it on your system. The data collected from cookies helps us determine how many people visit this site and what pages they view. We use this information to better serve all visitors as we improve our site content and design. You can set your Web browser to warn you before you accept a cookie.

We do collect information on the domains from which people visit us. Again, we use that data to track trends in our site traffic and as the basis for making improvements. We do not share this information with any third parties.

Cavmont is committed to protecting personal data on this site just like we are committed to helping our customers protect their customers' privacy. Cavmont realizes it is in a unique position to deliver the capability for protecting personal data to its customers and is moving aggressively to provide this protection in its data warehousing, data mining, retail, financial and Internet solutions.

Cavmont Bank Ltd Personal Data Protection Principles

Cavmont recognizes that appropriate protection and management of personal data is a critical element in enabling customers to realize the potential of global electronic commerce. Cavmont also recognizes that its tradition of protecting employee personal data is encountering new challenges as Cavmont's personnel databases and systems become increasingly electronic and global. Cavmont has therefore adopted the following privacy principles for the protection of customer and employee personal data. (Personal data is defined as any information relating to an identified or identifiable individual.) Cavmont will follow these principles, consistent with applicable local laws, in all its operations.

1. Providing Information on Data Protection Policies

Cavmont will provide customers and employees with easily understood information about Cavmont's policies regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data.

2. Limiting Data Collection and Use

Cavmont will limit the collection and use of personal data to that which is needed for valid business purposes or to comply with local law and any such data will be obtained only by lawful and fair means.

3.Ensuring Data Accuracy

Cavmont will strive to maintain the accuracy of the personal data held, including establishing, as appropriate, mechanisms allowing customers and employees to have the opportunity to review and correct their personal data.

4.Enabling Informed Choice

Cavmont will furnish customers and employees with information on the intended use of personal data, and with mechanisms permitting the exercise of choice on its disclosure. More specifically,

Customer Cavmont will not release personal data to unaffiliated third parties, unless:

  1. The customer requests it;
  2. The data is provided to help complete a customer-initiated transaction;
  3. The disclosure is required by law; or
  4. The customer has been informed about the possibility of such disclosure and has decided not to opt out.

Employees - Cavmont will not release personal data to unaffiliated third parties, except and only as specifically provided for under internal corporate management policies.

If employee or customer personal data is provided to an affiliated third party (e.g., contractors and partners), Cavmont will require the third party to adhere to similar data protection principles that provide for keeping such data confidential.

5.Safeguarding Security

Cavmont will take appropriate steps to ensure that personal data is protected from unauthorized access and disclosure, including limiting access to such data only to those employees with a business need to know.

6. Adapting Privacy Practices to Electronic and Online Technologies

Cavmont will apply these principles via practices that have the equivalent effect regardless of the specific technologies employed for data collection and use. Customers and employees should have a reasonably consistent expectation of privacy in both electronic and paper-based environments.