Dear Cavmont Customers,

Please note that some customers are experiencing timeouts after accessing e-Cavmont.

We therefore advise the use of the Google Chrome browser. Users of this browser seem to be experiencing fewer timeouts.

We will communicate once service has been fully restored on all browsers.

Kind regards,

Cavmont Bank Limited


Dear Customer,

Please be aware of a scam commonly known as phishing whereby criminals send e-mails claiming to be from the bank asking you to update your information or internet banking security by clicking on a certain link within the e-mail.

Please be informed that the e-mail(s) DO NOT originate from Cavmont Bank Limited. DO NOT follow the instructions given and delete the e-mail immediately.
Please note that under no circumstances will Cavmont Bank Limited request you to reveal your PIN (Personal Identification Number), password or username through any communication, e.g. e-mail, fax or phone.

Regard all such requests as fraudulent and report them to your nearest branch or the Contact Centre on +260 211 360032 or email

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