Cavmont Bank provides Corporate, Investment, Retail Banking and Community Banking services.

Specifically the bank offers:

Payment Solutions:

Cavmont Bank provides Corporate, Investment, Retail Banking and Community Banking services  and the following are the solutions we use quicken transaction for our customers:

  • Real Time Gross Settlement - RTGS Allows customers with payments of over KR100,000 - K100M to settle funds in real time. It is a fast, same day credit to the payee and risk of funds returning to the sender are eliminated.
  • DDACC - This is a Direct Debit and Credit Clearing ( DDACC) payment system that settles funds directly to the recipients account. For payments in excess of KR50,000 - K50M but less than KR100,000 - K100M, customers are advised to use this service.
  • Standing Order - Allows you as the customer to agree with the bank to send a specific amount of money from your account to make regular payments on a specified day.
  • Telegraphic Transfers - Local and International transfer of foreign currency from an account holder to a non-account holder at any of our branches.
  • Drafts - These cheques are drawn on international correspondent banks and are therefore accepted worldwide. The drafts are issued in the following currencies: US Dollar, South African Rand, Pound Sterling and Euro.
  • Managers Cheques - These cheques are drawn on Cavmont Bank and are accepted country wide.

      Treasury Services:

      Foreign Exchange: The bank offers foreign exchange services with coverage in all the major convertible currencies. Our sales team is available to provide customers with strategies and the best possible solutions to help them make informed decisions. We also offer foreign currency notes to our customers.

      Investments: Cavmont Bank offers its customers various investment products that are tailor made to suit their needs. These range from term deposits and fixed deposits to asset backed securities. The treasury team is always available to offer advice to customers on how they can  earn a good return on their investment(s).

      Government Paper: The bank is an agent for the Bank of Zambia for Government Securities. Cavmont is currently one of the few commercial banks that offer the off tender facility for Government Securities.

      Financial Markets News: Cavmont Bank produces a daily market update which gives our customers an edge on information. The daily newsletter provides current money market and foreign exchange rates as well as major commodity prices.