Question: How many branches does Cavmont Bank have?
Answer: In total the Bank has eighteen  (18) branches throughout the country. With two recently opened on the Copperbelt  i.e. Kitwe Agency and Chililabombwe.

Question: What are the requirements for an SME type loan?
Answer: The most important aspect when applying for a SME loan, is to give a reflection of the performance of the business. The maximum amount one qualifies for depends on the ability to repay, which is assessed by the Branch Manager or Credit Officer in the branch.

What sort of accounts do you have for businesses?
Answer: We have the current account, Extra Capital Account, Cavmont Savers Bonus, and the Cavmont Bank Savings Account
(read more on the business accounts from the Business Product section)

Question: Do you have Fixed Deposits and how long can you deposit?
Answer: Yes we do . the term deposits can be offered for 30,60,90,180, 270 and 365 day period.
(you can read more of this under our Treasury Products)

Question: Do you have any account that offers any insurance cover?
Answer: Cavmont Savers Bonus

Question: How much is the funeral cover on the Cavmont Savers Bonus?
Answer: K 2,000

Question: Where is Cavmont Bank head office located?
Answer: The head office is located on Cavmont House, Piziya Office Park, Plot 2374 Thabo Mbeki Road.

Question: When was Cavmont Bank established ?
Answer:The bank was established 1st January 2004 following the merger between Cavmont Merchant Bank and New Capital Bank.

Question: Can I get the Church Account from any branch ?
Answer: The Church Account is available in all Cavmont Bank Branches  where you can come with certified copies of the church signatories and a Certificate of Incorporation and visit the branch.

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