Preventing Card Fraud

At Cavmont Bank, the safety of your money is our highest priority. In the light of the recent card fraud activities that have been exposed, Cavmont Bank wishes to highlight what you can do to avoid being a victim of card fraud.

Are all cards targeted by fraudsters?

Yes, all card holders worldwide are targets of card fraud. Thus, all card holders should take necessary measures to prevent card fraud.

What methods do fraudsters use to conduct card fraud?

Skimming Device

This is a device used in the theft of card information, by either manually copying down numbers, or by using a magnetic strip reader or pocket-sized device to obtain the information electronically. The skimming device enables the fraudster to use your card information on the Internet or produce a counterfeit card with your card details on it, and to withdraw money at an ATM, using your PIN. Fraudsters may, for example, purchase goods via the Internet or place orders by mail or telephonically by using the ‘stolen’ card information.

Lebanese Loop (card trapping)

The ‘Lebanese Loop’ is a piece of equipment used to trap ATM cards once they have been inserted into the ATM. It is a simple device, which consists of a strip or sleeve, which is put into an ATM, trapping the card, once it is inserted. The fraudster might be watching you as you enter your PIN code, and will later collect the trapped card and use it to access your account.

Shoulder surfer

Fraudsters look over your shoulder and watch you enter your PIN, and then steal your card using distraction techniques or pick-pocketing. The easiest and most convenient way for fraudsters to use debit card information obtained through illegal means is by performing CNP (Card Not Present) transactions via the Internet, since neither the card nor the card holder’s presence is a prerequisite to perform the transaction.

Customers that make use of their cards to buy on the Internet may find that certain sites will no longer accept payment or transactions might be declined for security reasons. Alternatively, customers can make use of our International Banking Services Department to do international purchases or Interbank transfers to purchase goods locally through our branch network or our Internet banking facilities.

What are the steps that Cavmont Bank is taking to prevent card fraud?

Cavmont Bank is working closely with the Zambia Police and other banks and all cases of card fraud reported are thoroughly investigated. Cavmont Bank pro-actively monitors activities on our clients’ accounts.

How can you help in combating card fraud?

As a card holder, you should be vigilant and report any suspicious transactions on your accounts to your local branch immediately. Also report any suspicious activities at ATMs and Point-of-Sale machines.

  1. Regularly check that you have all your cards in your possession. Report lost or stolen cards immediately to your branch or our Customer Service.
  2. Keep your card in sight at all times, even when paying at a Point-of-Sale machine at shops and restaurants.
  3. Do not give your PIN to anyone. Do not write your PIN number down anywhere.
  4. Monitor activities on your account by reviewing your monthly statement.
  5. Regularly check transaction history and balances through e-Cavmont and ATM.
  6. If you are in the habit of throwing away debit card receipts and not storing them in a safe place, make sure you destroy them immediately.
  7. Merchants should ensure that client card information is handled with the greatest care and confidentiality, and should take preventive measures to ensure that card fraud should not take place at their shops.

What steps should clients take to report card fraud?

  1. Contact your nearest Cavmont Bank branch or our Contact Centre immediately and provide us with as much information as possible which could aid in the investigation. If you have noticed that your card is lost, call our Contact Centre on +260 211 360032 immediately to block it.
  2. Report the case to the police and give a description on how your card details could have been stolen. Report the last place at which you used your card.
  3. Take the case number to your nearest Cavmont Bank branch. The branch will help you to follow the correct procedures in order to solve your fraud case.

How can I monitor my account for suspicious activity?

You can monitor activity on your account as follows:

  1. Reviewing your monthly statement.
  2. Regularly checking transaction history and balances through e-Cavmont (Internet Banking).
  3. When doing an ATM transaction, also request a mini-statement from the ATM.

Be assured that Cavmont Bank is leaving no stone unturned to combat card fraud, and to ensure that you, our valued clients, are always informed.